Hurtigruten's new ship sports dazzling, seven-deck-high LED screen

Looking down on the ultra-high-definition Expromo screen, from Deck 10 to the atrium Looking down on the ultra-high-definition Expromo screen, from Deck 10 to the atrium RENDERING: Hurtigruten

Spanning seven decks and 17.5 meters/57.4 feet, the giant LED screen on Hurtigruten's soon-to-debut Roald Amundsen will give travelers a memorable welcome when they step aboard.

'By introducing the tallest LED-screen at sea, we will bring—and magnify—the splendid beauty of the passing nature to the guests inside,' Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam said.

Beyond 4K ultra-HD

The Expromo-made screen will be located in Roald Amundsen’s atrium. Facing the three all-glass elevators, it towers all the way up to and including Deck 10. Featuring cutting edge LED technology, the screen will provide a resolution beyond 4K ultra-HD, with perfect seamless and borderless display.

Skjeldam said the screen offers endless possibilities: 'We can use it to stream live lectures and presentations, to set the theme for the voyage, or just create a special atmosphere. But, most importantly, it will be utilized to broadcast the spectacular nature to our guests on board in a format never seen before.'

The numbers

The screen's width is 6.5 meters/21 feet, while total screen area spans 114 square meters/1,227 square feet. The resolution is 6,720 x 2,496 pixels, and pixel density (pitch) is 2.6 millimeters/0.1 inches. Light output is 1,000 nits, or almost 3,500 ANSI lumen. High-fidelity sound 'follows' the picture.

360-degree images from the mast

Featured content will include bespoke backdrops from stunning landscapes, live coverage from outside the ship, captured by the ship's professional photographer with the most advanced camera equipment in the world, and 360-degree ultra-high resolution panoramic images from the mast.

Other content will include live lectures and presentations from various on-board venues.

Roald Amundsen will also be setting environmental standards as the first hybrid battery-powered expedition cruise ship, able to sail for short stints emission-free.

Hurtigruten is also building Fridtjof Nansen for 2020 delivery and a third newbuild for 2021, both at Kleven Werft.

Posted 24 January 2019

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