As Venice investigation continues, MSC Opera cancels next cruise

MSC Opera's next cruise, with embarkations scheduled from Bari on June 8 and Venice on June 9, has been canceled as the ship remains in Venice pending the completion of an investigation.

Authorities are still looking into what caused the ship to lose control Sunday morning as it approached the San Basilio Cruise Terminal, striking the pier and ramming Uniworld's River Countess.

Welding repairs to MSC Opera were finished on Monday but MSC Cruises said the ship awaits the completion of the investigation.

Refund and 50% discount on a future cruise

MSC Opera was due to host 2,451 passengers from 53 countries. They're offered a full refund and compensation for travel expenses as well as a 50% discount on a future seven- to 21-night cruise before the end of 2020.

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Posted 06 June 2019

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Anne Kalosh

Editor, Seatrade Cruise News & Senior Associate Editor Seatrade Cruise Review