AIDAperla first alongside at Nordfjordeid's SeaWalk

AIDAperla alongside SeaWalk in Nordfjordeid AIDAperla alongside SeaWalk in Nordfjordeid PHOTO: Courtesy of Arthur Kordt/SeaWalk

Located in the heart of Norway's Nordfjord, the Port of Nordfjordeid today handled the first cruise ship, AIDAperla, alongside at its new SeaWalk floating pier.

Private investors and Eid municipality are behind the SeaWalk investment that enables Nordfjordeid to handle ships at a 230-meter/754-foot dock. When the season is over the port can contract the SeaWalk to about one-third of this length.

Briksdal Glacier

The SeaWalk opens the opportunity for more cruise ships to visit Nordfjord's famous Briksdal Glacier. The trip now takes two hours less.

Viking ship attraction

Nordfjordeid's main attraction is the Sagastad Center, which houses a replica of the Myklebust ship, Norway's largest known Viking ship at 30 meters/100 feet in length and dating to about 800 AD.

The ship was burnt in a burial ceremony for a very important person, likely a Viking king. The burial mound was first excavated in 1874. It is located five minutes' walk from the quay.

Nordfjordeid's floating pier follows other SeaWalk installations at North Cape-Lakselv, Geiranger, Skjolden and Stockholm.

Posted 25 May 2019

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Anne Kalosh

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